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To reserve your place, please end an email to paellaclassesmadrid@madrid.com or phone +34 639177925. 


>> Can I pay on the day? 

No. We only accept pre-paid reservations as we are a small business and only buy the fresh ingredients the day of the event.

>> Can I book Paella Classes for a stag/hen party? 

Of course you can! We can decorate our living room if required! 

>> Are Paellas and tapas prepared for allergics and vegetarians?

We are sorry but they are not.


We mainly cook seafood paella as that is our speciality! If you are allergic to certain ingredients, please let us know beforehand and we can provide you with our list of ingredients. 

>> What is the difference between your Paella and one from a restaurant?

A lot of differences! 

Firstly, we are not selling just a meal - we are selling an experience.  


Cooking Paella is not about just eating it once cooked, it is a social gathering - the Spanish normally invite their friends and family over and enjoy a beer or wine while preparing it. Plenty of chatting, noise and criticizing the cook in fact! 


We normally have an 8 –10 person group. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and fun! The hosts love chatting about Madrid and Spain and will provide you with a some great travel tips around this amazing  city and country! We will also provide you with some insight into the local daily life!

>> What type of drinks are included? Is this an open bar?

We want to provide the best service to our visitors. Though we do not provide an open bar as such, we do provide quality soft drinks, sangría, Spanish wines and beers during a 3h period. 

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