Paella Classes 

Cooking a Paella like Spanish do with their friends & family. An unforgettable 3H experience of sharing life !

01. Cooking, Watching & Helping

When a Spanish person invites you for a Paella it really means that they are asking you to share some quality time enjoying Spain´s much loved rich dish over a glass of sangría, and always in the company of friends and family! Every Spanish person has their own and unique Paella recipe - it depends on many factors... but the three most important are: 1). ensuring your audience has a great time while you cook 2).great sangria and 3). mouth-watering Paella.  

You will watch "El Corto" prepare a Paella from the very beginning

You will learn what equipment to use so that you can replicate a Paella at home

All ingredients are fresh and locally sourced

Enjoy a glass of sangria while you watch us cooking this piece of art and mingle with others!

02. Eating a Gourmet Paella

Now that we have a an impressive seafood gourmet paella, what´s next? Eating it, of course!


Our dining room is comfortable and inviting. 

03. Having Fun & Continuing your Madrid Visit 

Paella is all about having fun with friends and family. 


This experience consists of learning how to make a gourmet paella, meeting other people and having a great time.  

We have a large white wall in our living room that we use as a backdrop for a Spanish themed photocall which will help you  remember your time making Paella in Madrid. 


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To reserve your place, please end an email to or phone +34 639177925. 


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